Flight of the Conchords–Bowie Song

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A Lotta Fucking TV Screens

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I don’t mean to be crude or crass, but if Bill Gates’s and Steve Job’s visions are fulfilled, you, me, and every other schmo is going to own a lot of fucking television sets. How many? God himself only knows. I came to this realization after listening to Bill and Steve at the D5 conference podcast. Here’s Bill Gates on the future:

“I believe in the tablet form factor…And then you’ll have the device that fits in your pocket.”

Ok. Ok. A laptop and a “device” that fits in your pocket. A little vague. Sounds possibly sexual. Probably means a cell phone. But wait.

“Well, home, you’ll have your living room, which is your 10-foot experience, and that’s connected to the Internet and there you’ll have gaming and entertainment and there’s a lot of experimentation in terms of what content looks like in that world.”

You got that right. For a lot of people that’s gonna mean porn. And gambling. And catatonic kids staring into gigantic 10-foot screens. But wait, there’s more.

“And then in your den, you’ll have something a lot like you have at your desk at work. You know, the view is that every horizontal and vertical surface will have a projector so you can put information, you know, your desk can be a surface that you can sit and manipulate things.”

It seems to me that while this is a perhaps generous view of the future, the “cart,” as it were, is before the “horse.” Not every one has a home with a den and a living room. Many never will. Before every one has one of these pieces of shit in every room, they have to have a place to live.

Why do we need one of these pieces of shit in every room anyway? So we can watch YouTube or American Idol?

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Sopranos Prediction

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I predict that The Sopranos will return. Maybe not this year or next, but someday.

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