Immigration Bill: Who Will Go For This?

Posted on May 28, 2007. Filed under: Politics, Uncategorized |

It’s hard to imagine an illegal alien actually registering with the government in order to comply with the provisions of the immigration bill as they stand today. It appears to grant amnesty in name but offers nothing immediate in return for taking the risk of registering. Here’s my take on the bill based on an article in the Washington Post:

The reward for registering and documenting that you have been here for five or more years is a big tax bill. That’s the best case.

The reward for registering and documenting that you have been here for two to five years: adios amigos!

Everybody else: adios amigos and vaya con dios.

So there will be three categories. Category three, the “everybody else” group isn’t going to come forward. So we can forget about them right away. Category two, the “two to five” group, has not much more incentive than category three. According to the Washington Post article, if these folks agree to leave the U.S., they could get a Green Card. Sure. But if they could get a Green Card they wouldn’t have tried to get in illegally in the first place. And if any of them think it’s going to be easier after registering that they were in the U.S. illegally once already, I’ve got some prime swamp land in Jersey to sell you. Ain’t gonna happen. So let’s write them off also. That leaves category one, the “five or more group.” Now, this group is not automatically given citizenship. They get to “apply.” Wow. Everybody can apply. All the government is saying is that they won’t toss your behind in the clink because you didn’t apply up-front (although I’d be willing to wager that there are a number of ways around that, too. And once that happens, adios amigos again.)

I wonder also whether those who register will be fingerprinted or photographed. In other words, it may be a little harder to hide if they get the urge to jump the fence a second time.


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